Water Pumping Design Tool

Section 1 - Project Location Information

Use our State/City lookup for your project site, or input your solar resources directly if you know them!

Sun Resources: kWh/m2/day

Section 2 - Total Dynamic Head (TDH)

For help understanding and calculating TDH, please review the information on our Solar Water Pumping Basics page.

Elevation Head (ft)

Elevation head refers to the distance between the water level in the well (not the pump) and the maximum height the water is pumped to at the water storage tank.

Pressure Head (psi)

The pressure head represents the amount of water pressure at the outlet of your water pipe (open pipe, a water hose or other pressurized outlet). If no pressure head is present then this value can be ignore or set to zero.


The pressure head in ft is used for Total Dynamic Head calculations. Pressure Head in ft is outlet pressure multiplied by 2.31

Friction Loss (ft)

Click Here to calculate friction losses given piping specifications, then enter friction loss results, in ft, into field above

Total: ft

This is the total dynamic head (TDH), calculated for your system by adding the fields above together (elevation head, pressure head, friction loss)

- Maximum Gallons Per Minute

- Estimated Gallons Per Day

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